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Busy pharmacists in search of a targeted accounting software solution that addresses the specifics of their business should take a look at ACME Insight. Medicine distribution is a complex business with a critical need to keep tight controls on inventory and know exactly what is on hand. Despite an unfortunate (perhaps) approximation of its name to the same one used by the company Wile E. Coyote relied on in the classic Roadrunner cartoon, we’ll let that slide for the moment. Accounting is serious business and this company understands that.acme-insight-billing-accounting-inventory-software


We mentioned that ACME Insight is targeted at the pharmaceutical industry, but one should not overlook the fact that it works great for others as well. Satisfied customers from the general retail, architecture, grocery, consumer electronics, and other industries are counted as customers as well. Here are some of the main software features:

* Barcode integration for inventories and sales
* Customer and inventory management
* Financial accounting
* Invoice creation and management
* Gift card management
* CRM (this is a big one these days)
* Mobile integration for fast billing and making sales on the fly no matter where you are

Of course, there are more features. Too many to list within the modest goals of a single article. The overall point is that it will likely do whatever you need it to, and there is always the customization option should you discover a missing feature. One thing we like is that ACME Insight, though installed on a local computer, has a full-fledged app for both Android and iOS. Business owners can run multiple companies from the same install also.


While it’s always a little bit irritating when a software company makes it hard to find a price upfront, the free trial (with no credit card required) makes this decision a little more tolerable. They want you to call a discuss your personal situation before quoting a price. If this is something you can live with, you might want to give ACME Insight a spin. Online reviews report a positive experience and, ultimately, that’s what really matters. If you’re interested, the cost of a phone call and discussion with a company rep is a small price to pay to unlock a tool that could literally be the difference between profit and loss.

The Bottom Line

We should point out that secrecy behind price doesn’t mean that ACME Insight is not competitive in that area. In fact, one review posted by a small business owner complimented the company on being priced so reasonably. Despite its focus on pharmaceuticals, it appears to us that the software is comprehensive and well-designed to meet the needs of almost any capitalistic undertaking.

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