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Integra Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is accounting software and a whole lot more. As the ERP designation indicates, this company specializes in user-friendly applications for any operations ranging in size from a solopreneur to a multinational conglomerate. The standalone product is Integra ERP, but there are many variants to choose from that have been tailored towards specific industries and processes such as retail, production, and distribution. If you’re in the market for a vertically integrated data flow solution, this one might be worth checking out. Let’s take a look at some features.



Included in the standard version of Integra accounting software are the kinds of features we’ve come to expect from industry leaders, including:

* Complete accounting functions
* Customer relationship management
* Warehouse and supply chain management
* HR and Payroll functions
* An intuitive dashboard to control it all
* Inventory and project management
* Purchasing

The Integra software is intended to allow a business to move from a sometimes-confusing spider web of vendors who provide various services to a single point of contact that incorporates complete information flow and manipulation within one service. This industry trend towards unity of process is understandable. Why make things complicated when they could be simple? Integra’s goal is to make interaction with the software so simple for the end-user that it fades into the background. Even those not especially technically adept can get up to speed managing such areas of the business as indicated above in short order.


There are a couple of ways you can go about trying Integra ERP before committing to pay the $500 one-time purchase price. The company offers a free version which, obviously, isn’t as powerful as the one you pay for. Still, it offers a chance to get a feel for whether or not this is a product with which you feel comfortable. Another option is to take advantage of the full-fledged software through a free trial period in which you can install it and take it for a real world spin just as if you were actually using it to run your business. All the reviews in the world probably aren’t as helpful as a few hours spent under the hood tinkering with it yourself.

The Bottom Line

This India-based company was founded in 1999. Since then, Integra has focused more on quality products than media campaign blitzes. Rest assured you won’t be left to flounder after the initial purchase. For a modest fee, clients can choose to have a representative available on site to show how to get the most from the software. No matter your business or accounting need, they’ve probably got a software to cover it.

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