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While Anvesha Infotech is a robust company that provides a variety of services such as web design, SEO, PPC, ecommerce systems, and app development, today we’re going to focus on one of the company’s flagship products, the online finance and accounting Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) module. Broken down into service channels, Infotech allows a client the flexibility to choose how much (or little) their business needs in the way of features. The software has the capability to provide in-depth accounting services, but so much more. Let’s take a quick look at what is included.Anv-Retail-Lifetime-Accounting-Retail


The Infotech accounting product offers the choice to either install it on a local machine or access it through the cloud and mobile devices. Regardless of which approach you choose, the following functionality and features apply.

* Bar code integration
* Sales management
* Email integration
* Financial accounting
* Invoicing
* Inventory management
* Report generation
* Employee management

Additionally, the software serves as the gateway credit card processor at the POS (point of sale), and allows the user to manage both employees and customers over multiple locations. More than a simple bit of accounting, Infotech offers the complete vertical integration of programs needed to manage your entire flow of information throughout the company.


This accounting software is currently deployed across a number of industries such as real estate, banking, wedding, and dating websites, ranging from small mom and pop operations to multinational corporations with offices in multiple countries.

Of extreme importance to most potential clients is price. Anvesha Infotech doesn’t quote a price on its website, and a larger search of the internet revealed no clues in this area. While irritating to some extent, we do understand that the final price may range greatly depending upon the size of company and which particular services they want.

What you can count on is a free trial period of use that doesn’t require a credit card. This allows time to kick the tires and ascertain whether it’s a good fit or not. Though you can purchase maintenance service on a monthly retainer basis, Infotech accounting software is generally purchased for a one-time fee.

The Bottom Line

Anvesha Infotech is an India-based company which was formed in 2012. While there online reviews of the company’s products and services are rare (or non-existent), you shouldn’t let that stop you from taking a test drive if you feel motivated to do so. They do have testimonials and a well-planned website – although there are numerous language issues related to grammar and spelling in the copy. Hopefully, that doesn’t transfer into the software itself. Employing the services of a good English proofreader would likely take care of that problem.

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