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This Windows-based accounting solution for small, medium, and large businesses actually does much more than simply keep ledgers balanced. Clients can choose from the flagship product, billing and accounting software, or a variety of sister products tailored to help manage various operations like a restaurant, salon, school, or just about any other small business. With a focus on clean, graphically-based, intuitive interfaces, Hyper Drive Technologies products are easy to start using quickly.



While locally installed to your computer, HDPOS has made it a point to develop both cloud-based and mobile apps to allow customers the convenience of accessing their data from any place that has an internet connection. A sampling of features include:

* Financial Accounting
* Billing
* Inventory management
* Barcode printing
* Customized reports
* Customer management
* E-commerce option to open a web store

In general, HDPOS charges a one-time fee for use of its product rather than a monthly subscription. At the low end is a standalone, single cash register version for $270. Two client versions of the software on a single server runs $640, while cloud service with multiple access points costs $200 for initial setup and $60 monthly thereafter. Additional service modules, like the e-commerce store at $30 monthly, can be added on at any time. You can start out with the basic accounting software and then acquire different services as your needs change or business grows.


Since confusion in customers is not a good thing, HDPOS has focused on making their software as idiot-proof as possible. As an example, the interface is populated with pictures where practical, rather than long lines of explanatory text. This stands out in a sea of vendors who have shown perhaps an over-reliance on verbiage, which can intimidate and frustrate a new user who may not be a techie.

The Bottom Line

Headquartered in Bangalore, India, Hyper Drive Technologies is a software development company that started in 2005. Where some companies make a passing nod to customer service, HDPOS seem to make a sincere effort to insure the buying and using experience as painless as possible. There are plenty of ways to reach the company (email, telephone, Skype) with your questions, and none of them involve paying an extra fee. If you happen to be a technophobe but know you need a better software solution for your growing business, it might be worth your time to check out HDPOS.

Though the company doesn’t have as long of a track record as other industry players, they have seven offices scattered around India already and a handful of authorized dealers in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. This product is in English and available for sale globally.

6.5 Total Score

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