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Marg ERP Accounting Software

The one consistent factor in the accounting software industry is change, and Marg ERP has positioned itself squarely ahead of the curve to cash in on the recent trend of providing one-stop Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to all sizes of businesses. ERP is a catch-all phrase that refers to the idea of integrating all business processes with one vendor. Rather than have separate contacts for POS, inventory managements, financial accounting, customer management, etc, Marg ERP offers a single solution that allows a company to manage all their business information and processes from a single platform.



There are standard sets of features that a full service ERP provider is expected to have, and this software seems to have covered all the bases. A sampling of their offerings:

* Financial accounting and inventory management
* Quality control
* Sales and distribution tracking
* E-commerce (online store)
* Inventory management
* Payroll and HR services
* Warehouse management
* Credit card processing
* Invoicing and work orders

In the final analysis, Marg allows a business of any size to pick and choose which level of service it needs at price points ranging from a basic level of $109 all the way up to the premium edition at $545. While some software vendors charge a one-off fee, Marg clients incur a yearly cost at whichever level of service they have chosen. Considering the reality that you can ditch all your other vendors and replace them with this one solution, an annual charge is not surprising.


Like most industry leaders, this software is intended to be installed on your computer. There is no mobile or cloud-based integration at present, which might count as a black eye to users who like to interact with their software on the fly and from a variety of locations. Whether or not this is a dealbreaker depends upon personal preference and business processes.

Marg offers a legitimate explanation as to why they’ve avoided the cloud and mobile apps. In a word, security. With data breaches occurring at a mind-boggling rate, there is no doubt that a locally installed software solution is the most secure against hackers and other forms of electronic intrusion. In today’s world, there is a balance that must be found between security and usability, and this company has chosen to focus on the former.

The Bottom Line

Marg software is currently deployed across a variety of industries and has proven its ability to seamlessly integrate production planning, costing, order management, inventory, sales, financial accounting, and more into a single package. With online reviews running strongly in favor of its capabilities, potential customers might choose to test this software through a free trial period with no credit card required.

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MARG ERP Inventory and Accounting software is getting popular in all business area especially in small scale business and the main functionality of this inventory software is to maintain invoice information of all customers and deliver the product when required. This ERP software is affordable and inexpensive. This perform entire operation related to purchase planning and store it in a balance sheet.

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