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Investing can get complicated quickly, a reality that might come back to bite you when tax time rolls around. For India-based investors looking to keep their portfolio and accounts organized, MProfit Investor offers financial accounting software designed with the busy investor in mind, whether they are in-country or an NRI (non-resident Indian). With a full range of integrated features, this software is a one-stop solution for tracking investments. With both a free-version and tiered pricing (which we’ll discuss later), MProfit Investor allows clients to try it out without risking money upfront. Let’s take a closer look at what this baby can do.



In essence, MProfit Investor is a program that gathers asset prices related to your investments and allows you to track your profit and loss (hopefully more of the former than the latter), and easily produce ledgers and reports that show you – and the government – where your accounts stand at any point in time. Here is a more detailed list of features:

* Manage assets such as stocks, mutual funds, insurance products, real estate, precious metals, and more
* Manage multiple individual or group portfolios
* Automatic price updates every 15 minutes
* Generate goals, annualized returns, capital gains, allocation reports and more
* Data stored locally on your computer for maximum security

While this software is already considered a fairly robust financial accounting solution, recent tweaks have made a good thing better. Now it more fully integrates with brokers’ notes and formats, as well as allows you to filter capital gains for intra-day, short, or long-term gains.


While individual retail investors with simple portfolio needs may download and use a full-fledged version of MProfit, there are three more sophisticated levels of service ranging from $46 (USD) for the Individual+ version all the way up to $146 (USD) for MProfit Advisor. The latter is intended for use by investment, financial, and insurance advisors, sub-brokers, and high-volume professional traders. If you want to get a feel for how the software works, consider trying the free version to see if it meets your needs. Portfolio limits apply for all levels of the software.

The Bottom Line

The obvious benefit to using MProfit Investor software for your investment accounting needs is that it has been designed and created with the investor in mind. This is not traditional accounting software ported over to serve double-duty for those who need a way to manage their investment assets. Obviously, there is no one-size-fits-all solution that applies to every case, but if you need to get your investments organized, MProfit Investor could be worth a trial run.

7.5 Total Score

Mprofit is one of the most compatible software for the accounting management system and number of users are keep on increasing in most of the small and large scale industries. There are some of the major features updated in new version which includes investors, MFs, stock management and other asset.

User Rating: 3.47 (43 votes)

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