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Sometimes you don’t need bells and whistles and hundreds of fancy features with your accounting software. If that’s the case, Profitbooks might be the software for you. Reasonably priced and with all the core features a small business should need, this might be a credible accounting solution. The reality is that many accounting software packages are intended as an Enterprise Resource Solution (ERP) for medium to large corporations with multiple products, warehouses, and manufacturing locations. Profitbooks is less than that, but maybe perfect for you. Let’s dig deeper.




It may be self-evident, but the only features that matter to a small business when it comes to choosing an accounting system are that it contains the ones that it needs. The rest are irrelevant. If you’re a small business, Profitbooks probably has all of what you need and none of what you don’t. Among the included features are:

* Accounts receivable
* Accounts payable
* Invoicing and billing
* Collections
* Expense tracking
* General ledger
* Payroll
* Tax management

Created in 2012 by a company based in India, Profitbooks is currently deployed in large numbers across Sri Lanka, South Africa, and the Middle East, though was created with the English language in order to interact easily with the U.S., Australia, Great Britain, and other western nations. Users may choose to process and make payments in multiple currencies.


Profitbooks continues the trend toward the cloud and requires no installation to a local machine. While some users have expressed concerns about data security inherent in this method, software companies across all industries have had to choose between the perceived higher risk of offering a cloud and mobile solution versus the traditional download and install route. With more providers choosing the former approach, it seems that the public has spoken. If you prefer locked-down data security over ease of access from multiple devices and locations, there are certainly alternative software providers to be found.

The Bottom Line

Small business owners will probably like the price of Profitbooks. After the free trial, you can choose to pay $9.99 monthly or $90.89 for a year’s worth of service. All accounts comes with the capability to have 10 users access the service. It’s difficult to find any naysayers across the spectrum of online reviews, with most offering four or five star comments. The company has been featured in such publications as PC Mag and The Telegraph’s Indian version. If you’re looking for a modestly priced, rock solid bit of accounting software for your small business, Profitbooks might be the solution you seek.

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